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The Difference Between Systemic Enzymes and Digestive Enzymes
by: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD

Systemic enzymes are usually only the proteolytic (protein lysing) enzymes, they are either entericly coated or cultured to be acid and heat resistant. These enzymes are much more expensive to produce than those used for digestion even when they have the same names. Systemic enzymes are engineered to survive stomach acid and get into the small intestine where they are to be absorbed into the blood stream.

Digestive enzymes, on the other hand, have a broad range of enzymes for protein digestion, as well as for the digestion of fiber, (cellulase) carbohydrates (amylase) and fats (lipase). The products actions are limited to the GI tract and these enzymes are not generally of high quality, enteric coating or protected from the acidic stomach juices. They do not survive well nor are they present in sufficient quantity after being used for digestion to be absorbed into the blood stream.

Folks using digestive enzymes thinking to use them as systemic ones have failed because of the lack of protection of the enzymes against the stomach acid and lack of balance between the components themselves. Systemic enzymes need extreme tweaking as a blend is being "invented" to insure synergy of action. The whole blend of enzymes then needs to be put into "suspended animation" to keep the enzymes from eating each other and thus neutralizing their own action.

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