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Tearing Down The Road Signs on the Way To Heart Disease.
By: William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

OK here is another I told you so. All of the health food faddists who have been soooo intent these past 8 years with lowering C reactive Protein and Homocystine levels with B 12, Folic Acid and Tri Methyl Glycine: It does not make a dimes worth of difference to heart disease!!! Who says? A Scandinavian study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (12 March 2006). Yes this is an allopathic journal, and most allopathic journals hate natural treatments and publish bogus studies such as the one a few months ago that said that Vit. E did nothing to help fight heart disease. Not at the doses they were using it doesn't but try boosting the dose x4 and see what happens. But I’m getting off the subject. As I pointed out, it is a Scandinavian study. Why is that important? Because usually those folks call it the way it is and are not beholding to drug companies creating self-fulfilling studies to falsely validate dangerous drugs or falsely knock down valuable natural cures. Back to the B 12, Folic and TMG...

Each of those nutrients are wonderful in their own right. The 2 B’s, Folic and B 12, are essential components of red blood cells and carry oxygen all over especially in seniors to the brain! The TMG is a methyl donor and greatly aids in exercise recovery, increasing ATP production (real important to CFS patients and athletes), also their down line metabolites create choline ( an essential brain neurotransmitter) and Nitric Oxide (the blood gas all men want to spark and maintain their erections). But as reducers of heart disease those nutrients suck! Why should this be so? It’s been shown that these nutrients lower the levels of C Reactive Protein (CRP) and Homocystine level that are indicators of inflammation in the vascular system. Why if these indicators are lowered should the rate of heart disease not be?

If you think about it , that is actually a very stupid question, but most in the nutritional sales field were so pent up on lowering CRP and Homocystine they did not bother to ask themselves the question. So let’s answer it with our own question: Even though those nutrients do lower CPR and Homocystine are any of those nutrients themselves anti-inflammatory? The answer is a resounding NO. So if they are not getting rid of the inflammation that is the actual cause of heart disease, what in actuality are they doing? Answer; while they are eliminating the MARKERS for inflammation, they can’t do a damn thing about the inflammation itself! If you had a highway and you tore down all of the street signs and signposts for that highway, would you have torn up the highway? Nope, the road would still be there. The problem with eliminating the road markets of CRP and Homocystine without actually doing something about the inflammation is that you’re killing the messenger and not doing a thing about the sender of the message.

I made this exact point in several lectures to health professionals, the latest time to cardiologists in Mumbai (Bombay) last September. I’ve been called less than intelligent by the lab egg heads who think they know it all because they know their chemistry but not their physiology (why learn that, chemistry is all they need)! I’ve been called meddling by docs and companies who wanted to sell products that decreased CRP and Homocystine without actually doing a damn thing about the inflammation. Their only goal was profit. There is no problem with profit but we must differentiate between profit and profiteering and we must differentiate between an educated mistake and an out right deception. And, while many well meaning docs and nutritionists took the words of the lab egg heads who work for the nutritional companies, these companies were trying to capitalize on the fear of CRP and Homocystine among the population just as the drug companies are trying to capitalize on the fear of bird flu to sell drugs that have shown themselves to kill kids yet not really do a blessed thing to cure the flu.

We can tear out all the road signs we want, the inflammation in the blood vessels and heart will still be there. We can artificially lower the markers for inflammation and we’ll still suffer with the heart attacks and strokes that blood vessels closed by swelling will create. Do we use the Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) to lower our inflammation. Not unless you want to die faster than the heart disease you are trying to run away from. Read my articles on these drugs to see why they kill 18,000 to 22,000 Americans a year according to the same New England Journal Of Medicine (July 1999).

Long term corticosteroids are out of the question as again the side effects of long term use are worse than heart disease. So what do we use? My long term readers will know the answer. If you are new here’s the scoop: systemic enzymes, such as Zymessence™, will reduce real inflammation and by so doing genuinely reduce CRP and Homocystine. All without side-effects, all without toxicity (no LD 50) all with- out bad effects only good effects. If you are new to our work please read my articles “ What Are Systemic Enzymes” and the “Essentials of Life and Wellness”.

Fight inflammation for real, don’t fool yourself!

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