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The ABC’s of Understanding Enzyme Blends.
By: Dr. April Hernandez, DC

In the world of alternative medicine there is a fast emerging sector of supplements that falls under the heading of enzyme therapy. Among the various therapies you will see that there is one in particular called “systemic oral enzyme therapy.” This differs from digestive enzyme therapy because it is taken without food and is meant to work on the body.

The confusion, as of late is among the “systemic” blends. If you read the label, it may say a proprietary blend of x, y, z. of 1500mg. Then it may be marketed for something like anti-inflammatory properties. Now on the very next shelf, you can read the same xyz ingredients and same mg’s but marketed for cardiovascular. Many companies try to explain what is called fibrinolytic properties. This is simply the enzyme’s ability to eat scar tissue and debris. One enzyme may say it is “more fibrinolytic” than the other. Even with this information written, it appears to be very unclear in the consumers’ mind because of the questions I receive. Furthermore, this very point, if misunderstood, misrepresented or mismarketed can wipe enzyme therapy off the map forever.

I wish to explain this using my brand of enzyme called ABC systemic oral enzyme of 1500mg.

The first blend of ABC has 10x of A, 2x of B, and 3x of C.

A=Bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties.

B=Nattokinase- which is also anti-inflammatory and may thin the blood

C=Lipase- which digests fat

All wrapped up in a 1500mg capsule.

Now, since it is high in A- 10x of Bromelain, it is correctly marketed for its anti-inflammatory properties. It would “systemically work” on the body’s widespread inflammation safely. This would be properly and safely taken by sports figures to help their muscles and even if a handful were taken, the small amount of 2x Nattokinase, would not thin the blood too much for the person to hemorrhage. If another company takes the exact same mix and misrepresents this blend as a blood thinner, YOU would pay a lot and have to take a ton of it before it could put a dent into the blood. If it were incorrectly marketed, a person who was on medical blood thinners may feel that they could drop their medication and take the enzyme blend. If the consumer advisors for the incorrectly marketed enzyme blend told him the wrong dose, the blood may never thin like the medicine and this person could die.

The second blend of ABC has 2x of Bromelain, 10x of Nattokinase, and 3x of Lipase.

If this blend were to be marketed as a blood thinner, that would be ok as long as only a small amount were prescribed to the client to prevent hemorrhage. If this were marketed as an anti-inflammatory for sports and the person thought just because the ingredients were the same, he or she may mistakenly take handfuls of the enzyme, not knowing that he is thinning his blood to the point of inducing a hemorrhage. The 10x of the Nattokinase puts this blend in the category far from a systemic enzyme.

The Third and final blend has 2x of Bromelain, 1x of Nattokinase and 10x of Lipase. It is correctly marketed for weight loss because it is High in lipase, which breaks down fat. If it were marketed any other ways a person may have to take a whole jar before any anti-inflammatory properties were visible.

I hope this illustration is clear. The public needs to be aware that companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon of systemic oral enzyme therapy for capitol gain. Un- suspecting customers may fall pray to companies claiming to be the best enzyme blend and they may also have health care professionals as spokespeople. Clearly, the companies themselves do not understand the complex world of enzyme therapy, and even if they do, they put making money ahead of the people of America. This is the sleazy side of systemic enzyme therapy. To avoid being pimped, only buy from a reputable enzyme company who uses enzyme professionals to formulate products. Falling prey to misleading marketing even if a product is all-natural can kill you just as effectively as a pharmaceutical drug.

This is dedicated to Dr. William Wong, Vic, at Specialty Enzymes, and all the patients and future patients whom I love dearly.

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